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Owner and Lead Planner

Jill is a double graduate of Seneca College, with an advanced diploma in Fashion Business Management & post-graduate degree, with presidents honors in Event Management & Exhibit Design. She knew from a young age her career would involve fashion and events in some way or another, and owing her own business.

Interning and freelancing for fashion, event, and floral companies pushed Jill in the right direction to begin her career in the event industry as the lead designer for an event company. Soon expanding to an event and catering company/banquet hall as an event manager; this fuelled her love for weddings, working with both clients and staff, and physically setting up & executing events. Designing the company's website, working closely with the chef to execute small to grand weddings/events, and creating a marketing plan were some of her exciting accomplishments. In her most recent position at one of the busiest venues outside of the GTA - Kortright Centre; she was able to supervise, setup, execute, and work directly with tons of wedding and corporate clients. Running the social media for this & the sister venue (Black Creek), along with revamping menus & booking packages continued to strengthen her business skills and passion for the industry.

Now with over 250 weddings and events under her belt, a vast network of talented vendors, and some savings to start her rental business; she knew it was time to use all of this gained experience and knowledge and create and direct all of her passion to something of her own! So she quit her job (a little scary), and decided to give this business 100% of her full attention & efforts.

Getting certified in WPIC and in DWC, and attending workshops and seminars where possible - Jill loves to stay up to date within the industry, current with trends, and updating her opportunities & knowledge - because learning and growing never stops! Set-ups, tear downs, staff management, food service, execution, floral design, social media management, client relations, and marketing - she has done it all! She loves meeting clients and making new connections, and values the hard work that goes into each relationship made! (who doesn't?!)

Not being able to do this alone, she knew her best friend and partner of over 5 years would be the perfect person to bring into this venture! Getting her fiance, Brian involved to help source, setup, and refinish the furniture was a step in the right direction!

On her spare time, Jill loves playing with her beagle pup & fluffy cat, engaging in photography (mostly nature/events), tending to her large plant collection, and spending time outdoors!

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Lead Operations

With a business and environmental background and post-grad in Health & Safety Management - he brings something different to the table! Brian is a Health & safety manager by day, and lead ops at night (or weekends, during events, you get it!) He develops our set-up plans and utilizes his educational background to develop the most efficient way to execute tasks, events, creation of floor plans (especially that fit all of our furniture!)

Brian may not have a direct event background, but being alongside Jill for the past 5 years has given him a different insight into the event world (he has heard it all!) There were moments Jill called upon Brian to assist in some aspect of event set-ups & tear downs, so he is no stranger there!

Brian is hands on and takes lead when it comes to restoring our vintage furniture! He has also built our custom wood arches. He has an eye for design, and is truly the master of sourcing; as he is the one who finds, travels distances, collects & picks up our unique items! Brian already loves the industry and is the man of networking!

On his spare time, Brian loves playing with his beagle pup & fluffy cat (we are a family!), spending time hiking outside, and those special moments with friends!

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